Varied Art Stuffs

Such a varied post.  Needed to finally post these.  Done this month.  Lots of figures, some abstract work, some other sketches.  Hope you enjoy.  Come out to the Guelph Art Hub for local figure drawing!

ALSO: I'm selling anything that I post or is posted on this blog now.  Contact me if you're interested in something.  I have way too much art!

1 hour watercolour (about 15 minute drying)

Some 10 minutes and 15 minutes

5-10 minute gestures - great strength in these.

Stoic 20 minute pose

1 hour Sharpie marker drawing

1 min gesture - with some attitude :-)

1 minute pen gesture - great dynamic pose

10 minute - like the solid weight and structure here.

Watercolour and gouache Cardinal I hope to finish.

Pencil drawing.

Very classical looking drawing of my frustrations with our endless debate over the world we want to see in the future.  Seems obvious to me.

Pencil to page -> go.

Just some posing practice.

Drawings from the environmental Resilience Festival in Guelph.  Top drawing was a beautiful scene of a young girl who brought the candle on the table and placed it right on top of her book.  She'd move the candle as she'd be reading for maximum light.  Very beautiful scene.  Bottom drawing was a man who I've forgotten the name of who sat across from me as he watched the spoken word.  
The rest that ensued... you decide.

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