Life Drawing Guelph - begins today!

Hello people who come across this blog!

Today is the first day of a (hopefully!) weekly Life Drawing class I'll be hosting on Tuesday nights from 7-10 pm.  

I'm really excited about this, and have grand plans for life drawing in my home town of Guelph.  I encourage others to try to make similar events happen.  More photos will be posted online from the event (though obviously not the model!) later on.

If any others would like to take part or even express there interest in any way, feel free to e-mail me at

Study art forever.


  1. Dude this is awesome! Best of luck man. This is an awesome solution to not having any life drawing around ;)

  2. Garth: "there interest" should be "their interest"!

    Your mother

  3. Thanks Nichole! I'm hoping to make a bit of an art scene here in Guelph.

    And Dad (which is really Mum)... was this really necessary...

    See you there soon Robyn :)

  4. maybe toss a link to the guelph lifedrawing blog on dis yo