Holistic view of work for artists

This is a very sensitive topic for many today, so I'll do my best to stir up everything I can!  But really, I think there is a lot that is not considered when considering employment opportunities.  This said, I'm also fully acknowledging that many do not have many choices, hence the general sensitivity in this area.  This post may not be for you.  It's a shame that this is unfortunately built into our economic model.  Those who have the choices with varied potential work opportunities are also generally those who were not necessarily in a hard place financially in the beginning.  

This sucks.  

Varied Art Stuffs

Such a varied post.  Needed to finally post these.  Done this month.  Lots of figures, some abstract work, some other sketches.  Hope you enjoy.  Come out to the Guelph Art Hub for local figure drawing!

ALSO: I'm selling anything that I post or is posted on this blog now.  Contact me if you're interested in something.  I have way too much art!

1 hour watercolour (about 15 minute drying)

Media stories and their effects on our lives

I got into an interesting discussion with a friend on facebook.  I wrote up a huge response and then I clicked out of the window by accident and it was all deleted.  Depressing but I think I had enough there that warranted a blog post.  Here it is.

So, if you've read anything I've posted, you can probably gather I'm a fan of things like the environment, the food movement, and just generally caring about the future of this big green place we're renting for the moment.  At least it seems like we're renting it.  We're treating it with the same transient attitude we do rental apartments at least.  Only caring enough to ensure our immediate well-being and comfort.  The minute the slow growth mold reaches our feet we react suddenly.  "Where did that come from?!"

Transition Guelph Resilience Festival Reflection

Transition movement. Community resilience festival.

I hope these words, for all of our sakes, appear more in your social circles, online or off. Why? I'll give you a brief summation.

The logo I designed for Transition Guelph

The Transition movement is really an umbrella philosophy towards many of our current societal problems, namely: food, energy, and the environment.  There are layers to this system such as social equality, true economic stability, and holistic approaches to problems, but these mostly stem from those previous three things, and are all very interrelated with one another. 

My Ignite Guelph talk and my advice to public speakers

Instead of making this more of a thought and feeling based reflection, I thought I would gear it more towards helping others who would like to try public speaking. Let me first state that I am absolutely not one to sign up willingly to do this kind of thing.  I've always been fairly shy - far more of an introvert.  This surprises some today, which encourages me to feel as though I'm finding a balance.

Part of the reason I signed up for this was obligatory.  I was nearly going to go with a friend to Nepal several months ago.  The time wasn't right for me, and I told myself that if I didn't join him in Nepal, I would definitely sign up to do an Ignite talk. The feeling of having done what I intended is immensely gratifying. Empowering.

Life drawing - March 20

First piece I've done for a while that made me feel like I'm out of a long plateau.  Very refreshing despite near constant, thoughtful discussion this session.

Things that I think suck about modern life and ways we need to fix it.

I’m not diving into a specifics or details. As best explained by this SNL clip.

Just let me dream damnit.  I'll be adding to or adjusting this post as I come to idealistic, ridiculous solutions.

Too busy – Rid ourselves of 40 hour work week, also value space in our lives more.

Don’t get to do what we’re most passionate about – The above solution should help with this but it would also be great if there was more of a demand for creative pursuits in the world.