The inherent separation of static belief systems

I feel that there are some common misconceptions about many important life lessons today.  One of my favourite life lessons I borrow from buddhism, and likely earlier belief systems before that, is the acceptance of the transient nature of life.  Life is change.  Truly accepting this makes the world feel much lighter I can guarantee.

Yet I find the irony is how many who choose to engage fully in any belief system can often shut the doors of change. To fully inhabit a specific way of being in the world, so much so that it fully manifests into your conscious mind, requires a rather unchanging nature.

I just had a chat with friends about the idea of being 'enlightened', and how the expression of this feeling, even if unintentional, can make others uncomfortable, especially as the ideas often expressed by the 'enlightened' folk reside in a specific belief system.  One that many may have found solace in at that, which makes it even easier to feel superior.

It's not anyone's duty to state any absolute truth for anyone else.  Everything we believe in our lives is a culmination of collected life experience and symbolic stimuli that we've stumbled upon one way or the other. As much comfort as discovering a new way or being or considering the world may be, realize that any truths you attribute to those beliefs are solely truths for yourself in the current state you are in.

Accepting that this way of being in the world may change, and that you may not always identify as fully with it is true liberation.  Be cautious of paralysis by analysis, and realize that there are plenty of other belief systems for many centuries before ours which many practiced, in the same way we may practice any given belief today.

This is my current belief.  Right now at least.

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