Things that I think suck about modern life and ways we need to fix it.

I’m not diving into a specifics or details. As best explained by this SNL clip.

Just let me dream damnit.  I'll be adding to or adjusting this post as I come to idealistic, ridiculous solutions.

Too busy – Rid ourselves of 40 hour work week, also value space in our lives more.

Don’t get to do what we’re most passionate about – The above solution should help with this but it would also be great if there was more of a demand for creative pursuits in the world.

Contemporary art often feels meaningless – Exploration of craft is absolutely necessary but so was telling stories that many can identify with, not a select few, as proven by pretty much every art era except 20th century.

Elementary and high schools teaching is backwards – Complete restructuring of what is important to learn in the world.  One example: Focus from an early age on things that are immediately applicable for all of our lives such as proper food preparation and nutrition.  We should not be learning about the science of what molecules are in tomatoes before we know how to properly cut them.  Huge distance between practical and theory – needs to be shortened.  Also need to focus way more on hands on learning, and practical application rather than abstract concepts and boring paperwork examples that only truly work for few kids.  Also need to bring back apprenticeships or learning on the jobs to properly be trained.  No more unpaid internships, this is so, so stupid.

Not enough money going towards the arts (in independent fields, not talking about big studios) – Find ways to remind others how much art has mattered throughout history, and why it’s still very active in shaping our views and beliefs.  Also encourage the study of art as therapy, a new field that is hopefully gaining momentum discussing the benefits of art beyond just doodling (not to put down doodling, it’s amazing). 

Obsession with oil is beyond any measure – Anyone that tries to drill for and extract oil is ejected into space.  In fact, the moment anyone even considers extracting oil, they’re ejected into space.  Aside from this, need to stop increasing distances need to be travelled by creating more self-sufficient smaller communities and relying less on outside inputs.

Not enough desire for study – Need to get rid of the idea that school ends when you leave post-secondary and also need to find ways to encourage further self growth.

Feeling of disconnection with the world – Get out in nature more.  Though we will also need to reshape many of our values to be able to see the benefits of doing this.

Feeling of disconnection with each other – Families, friends, and communities must find more ways to be involved with each other.  Provide incentives for those wanting to be heavily involved in their communities beyond any monetary value.

Air quality sucks – Blow up all the cars.  Or find alternatives, or both.  Also factories.  Get rid of ‘em, we’ll find other ways to make stuff.

Planet being destroyed – If any person or corporation destroys planet to create profit, eject them into space.  No time for their nonsense.

Still too much separation among people – Knock down all the borders and just have one big happy world party.

Too many businesses awarded for profit, while their ethics lack – Similar to one above, but goal here is to only award businesses that aren’t doing these things.  We should only award those businesses and corporations that don’t cause any disparity or ecological destruction. 

Too much aggression – World should drink more chamomile tea.  Also less wars, and general power struggles.  Egos flaring like it’s nobody’s business.


Student debt - This entire idea is so backwards and broken.  It's so stupid to discourage many from even going to school due to the large amounts of debt that will undoubtedly occur.  If everyone is educated, humanity will continue to evolve in a consistant, aware way.  If you told an alien that the ones we teach the skills of past generations of humans are the ones who often accumulate the most debt... they would laugh, then fly back to their own galaxy, shaming our ways.  If we could restart civilization it would make most progressive sense to be paying those who want to be educated in the world.  Something went wrong somewhere.

Seemingly all of our we use in or on our bodies are toxic - The cyclical pattern of dependency needs to be reversed.  That is, the semi-conspiracy theory (to some, not to others) of keeping humans dependant upon the various systems.  So how do you make humans pay for so many drugs?  Keep them unhealthy.  How do you make them pay for treatments?  Toxins in their beauty products, etc.  However, there is the simplified version of this which is just that the products have lots of cheap 'fillers' to make them more affordable. Choose to belief whatever version, the bottom line is that we're really just not wanting to pay high prices to have the luxuries that we've gotten used to the idea of having.  Some simple, nonsensical solutions would be to make sure everyone is making enough money to be able to afford these products, WHILE also literally getting rid of products with toxins in them.  When you get rid of the option of failure we have a seemingly magical way of 'finding ways' to make sure we're able to afford those things.  Similar to how if you don't have candy in your house, you'll be okay with grabbing the almonds instead after some mild discomfort, which leads to the next one.

Almost everyone isn't okay with mild discomfort - Whenever something is just beyond the reach of what we consider our 'comfortable bubble' we withdraw into the sphere of safety instead.  Simple example - Why do two neighbours side by side each own a snowblower?  If neighbour #1 could just simply ask neighbour #2 if they could borrow their snowblower, we'd be far better off.  Latent benefits of this are that it encourages sharing and more connection and bonding with one another yatta yatta.  I find this, again, often stems from a base of shame and power.  Those without the snowblower feel inferior to those with it, and feel that they should own their own if they're to be apart of the same social circle of stature in their society.  Silly, silly humans, get over yourself.  Ideally, you have maybe 1 or 2 snowblowers (on a really bad Canadian snowstorm) and make a quick schedule for your entire block, discussing how every house can each use them at various times according to their own schedules.  Simple planning + engaging others in your neighbourhood = not buying your own snowblower.

We need to get better at forgiving ourselves - Many of us dwell in the depths of shame and guilt after eating a lot of food that we know we probably shoudln't have.  I feel like this makes us constantly trying to eat the right foods, which can bring stress into our lives if dealt with unhealthily.  I feel like the stress and shame bad eating can induce may be more harmful in the long run than the food itself.  I have no data to back this up, just experience and general aligning of dots of things like how heart disease is still the #1 killer, and it's main component is stress.

Farmer food > All the other food - To those uninitiated, there are pretty catastrophic things happening in the agribusiness, the business that is food (however it came to be that way).  Things like big companies trying make it so that you must buy their GMO (genetically modified) seeds instead of using regular ones.  If there was ever a true evil... just saying.  Also, my limited understanding is that our soil is also becoming pretty poor quality, due to things like pesticides and general toxins in the air.  This means that the food that grows from it is less nutrient dense, hense to huge rise of people taking supplements and vitamins (another huge business - pharmaceuticals).  Money seems to be at the root (pun) of this all, and in this FIXED world, maybe we'll just end up doing away with it.  Other than this, we need to join the front lines of the food movement, to protect our right to grow non-GMO foods, which by the way, is a good idea.

Knowledge and wisdom is commonly shared - The stories our media create rarely have either of these things, which ideally will enrich our lives and allow us to have a stronger sense of intuition.  If we honoured these things as we honour money in our current culture, we would have a very different way.

We have TOO much choice - This one sounds incredibly entitled, but hear me out, because I feel it can be almost as damaging in the long run, as not having enough choice.  When we have too much choice, it makes us overwhelmed with variables, which often makes us withdraw from the entire thing.  For example, if food products really just contained foods, and not toxic additives, we wouldn't have to worry about be so well versed on what the 'bad signs' are.  It wouldn't have to feel like we're walking through minefields when shopping at the supermarket.  When people have all the choice in the world, they tend to do none of it.  This is partially the difficulty with the internet.  We have a resource now with pretty much infinite education, so what are you going to learn first?  Facebook.  There are interesting things occuring here.  This is the same dilemma that can often make cooking very intimidating.  It's intimidating to look at a recipe list with 15 different things, but if you show how easy it is to make great food from just 3 or 4 items, more people would be cooking.  Philosophically, this makes me feel like it's not about abundance, but about implementing the knowledge in the most effective ways, to best use simple resources that are common and renewable.

This has turned into a large ordeal.  Will be updating this soon.  If anyone has anything to add or change, let me know.  Let's just make this a big 'world wishlist'.

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