Derek - Ricky Gervais' step in the right direction for TV

Derek.  What a refreshing step back into TV.  If you’re ready to feel, watch this show.  Season 1 only has 7 episodes, but they might just change you.  At the very least, they’ll make you reflect on your life and your choices, in a very helpful way.  This kind of introspection I hold in highest regard, and never expect from the bright screen that I’ve come to criticize regularly.

The characters all have lovable moments, but also have very clear and glaring flaws, which they’re somewhat uncomfortable with.  However, their close-knit tribe at the senior residence holds them all together, and allows them to be fulfilled through the meaningful interactions they all share together.

This show will take you on quite the emotional ride.  It may be capable of altering the way you interact with others, opting for kindness and generosity rather than philosophical thought and worrying.  Not that these two are mutually separated.  The main character, Derek, played by Ricky Gervais of all people, provides joy to all of those whom he interacts with.   

I’ve looked at some reviews of Derek, most being positive.  Some say that the plots are dull and that it’s a ‘pseudo-documentary’.  I was soon reminded how much I can’t stand most reviewers analytical viewpoint from the point of their formulaic questionnaire that every TV show must belong to.

I haven’t watched any TV for several months now, since Breaking Bad finished actually.  This show is enlightening on so many levels.  It’s full of life reflections and tidbits of wisdom that I feel I should be writing down to refer to whenever I feel lost. 

Another great thing about Derek is although there are the overarching plot-developing stories, there are so many smaller stories intertwined within, which have equally as much care given, as brief as they may be. 

I really want to encourage a lot of our generation to watch this show as it brings to light our somewhat odd sense of priorities, broadly speaking.  I find this a fascinating area to think on, and I hope that you watch it and find similar thought provoking moments.  There are many!

There are so many things to talk about in this show, but I will leave the rest to you, to watch on your own.  It’s a Netflix original series by the way.  I’ll be bold and say that this show has reinvigorated my spirits and hopes for TV.  I can only hope that more shows take note of this series and begin telling stories that are equally rich and mentally stimulating. 

This is my wish list big media.  Please stop repeating the same formulaic stories and begin to look at our current values and morals, and what needs to shift for the better.

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