Last life drawing session before the new year, also a plein air painting.

Decided to post a bunch of work from the last session of the Guelph Art Hub before the new year.  Had a great last session of the year!

Started with some quick 1 minute gestures.  Model taking advantage of our new rings that we set up!  They allow for great, dynamic posing.  The first one she actually was putting her legs through the second ring, while hanging from the first.  Completely in the air!  Crazy.  In the best way.

Great storytelling here.

Waking up in the morning first thing.

Decided to be adventurous and try out some quick watercolours for these 20 minute studies.

More great storytelling potential.

40 minute study.

A plein air painting I did in oils.  I'm not sure if this is technically a plein air, as I was looking out of a window from inside a good friend's house.  This is the best this cold Canadian winter is allowing anyway!  Loved the subtle light as it was going down (remarkably early).

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