Round 8 Master Studies

Round 8!  Home stretch (sorta).  2 more tonals, 20 more colours, but the 3 final master studies continue to loom.  Breaks are very necessary with this kind of work, otherwise, it can be tedious.  I've noticed that whenever I feel like I'm just doing these to meet the deadline I stop, and take a break.  Reading is a great break, especially with the right, intellectually or creatively stimulating books.

Speaking of which, I picked up Tribes by Seth Godin, which I'm very excited to read.  I hope to post a review of the book when I'm finished!

Here is an excerpt.  I should state that it was impossible to find just one piece to share, because the entire thing is pretty much this level of inspiring:
Now, the internet eliminates geography.
This means that existing tribes are bigger, but more important, it means that there are now more tribes, smaller tribes, influential tribes, horizontal and vertical tribes, and tribes that could never have existed before.  Tribe you work with, tribes you travel with, tribes you buy with.  Tribes that vote, that discuss, that fight.  Tribes where everyone knows your name.

There's an explosion of new tools available to help lead the tribes we're forming.  Facebook and Ning and Meetup and Twitter.  Squidoo and Basecamp and Craigslist and e-mail.  There are literally thousands of ways to coordinate and connect groups of people that just didn't exist a generation ago.  
All of it is worthless if you don't decide to lead.  All of it goes to waste if your leadership is compromised, if you settle, if you don't commit. 

Many tribes.  Many tools, I'm writing to you about both.  The market needs you (we need you) and the tools are there, just waiting.  All that's missing is you, and your vision and your passion.

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