Last of week 1 master studies!

Last of the master studies of week 1!  50 value thumbnails, and 50 colour thumbnails.  Phew.  I think this is my favourite batch.  The one thing that I wish I did was written down all the artists!  Ah.  For the next 25 master studies I'll do this.

  Only finished 1 of the 3 final masters, but I'll do the others on my own time.  Next week we're tackling more paintings from our imagination.  I'm going to sub in a bunch of the illustrations from my storybook to get those underway.  Productivity!

Anyway, here's the first 'final' master study.  It's oil on canvas paper, roughly 9 x 12.  Tricky to finish this level of detail in an oil painting as well as all the littler studies in one week (not too mention I began them in mid october).  Quite the wake up call for my own discipline!

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