Just a couple of life drawings...

Love this pose

This brown one and several other brown ones were done with Walnut Ink, which was home brewed in Guelph by Wyndham Arts Supplies

Somewhat successful 3 hour paint study.  I'm so slow.  Colours change every time I look up from my painting.

More walnut ink!

Exploring towards the end of a session.  Was in a crazy, inspired, dreamlike mood that night.

My must succesful walnut ink so far

No drapery shall escape my charcoal.

First 30 seconds we'd done since school.  Nostalgia.

Loved this pose.

This model does crazy awesome poses.

Gotta break things down sometimes.

These feels like a complete story.  Getting ready, then waiting at a bus stop?

So.. I've been doing a fair bit of life drawing these days.  Finally uploaded some of the past 3 weeks.  Quite a task.  I may consider hiring someone to do this in the future...

"If you can draw the human figure, you can draw anything" - I forget


  1. These are amazing! The nut ink is so cool :)

  2. Thanks Paul! It's fun to use. Also love that it's home brewed here in Guelph!