3D Tree Project

tree-render from Garth Laidlaw on Vimeo.

tree-normal-test from Garth Laidlaw on Vimeo.

Current project I'm working on.  This is a progress post.  My process for creating this was as follows:
1) Concept on paper
2) Zsphere mesh creation in Zbrush
3) Sculpting in Zbrush - soon got frustrated moved to Mudbox instead to sculpt.
4) Machinery aspects creating as separate geometry in Maya - all kept low-res
5) Currently retopologizing mesh in Topogun to reduce poly count to prepare for use in a game engine. I still want to adjust the hi-res mesh, some of the texture is bugging me. As well as make some hi-detail cracks and more wears in the tree. Those circular boils are meant to be moldy areas where the trees been infected with disease. Any advice is always welcome.

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