Zombie headshot

From Garth's Blog

Here's a quick render of the zombie I've been working. Thanks to the talented Kevin Williams for coming up with the character design for this, for I am merely the 3D grunt!

A little about this process, the low res is 1.7k polys so far.

Modelled in Maya 2012, sculpted further in Mudbox, and also painted in Mudbox as well. One diffuse map, and one displacement map for now. I like the effect it's been giving me, but there's still lots of work to be done. No spec map yet, no gum or teeth detail or painting, no bump, just displacement. This project has been really fun so far.


  1. Looks good so far, 27k sounds pretty high though. Could you post the low-res wires?

  2. I thought so too, maybe I read the smoothed version lol. I'll send you it.

  3. Oh god yeah it was, its 1.7 k! What a dumb mistake.