Another summer update (chalk painting class)

Alright this is a three parter, i'll break it down:

1) Self portrait of kid - Was about 20 min i think. Can't remember. also in chalk pastel. it was fun, quite a speed paint in some ways. some awkward proportional things going on there..

2)Dancer from life - This one was a while, a hour and bit perhaps. Also in chalk pastel, and from life, except i added the background colours. I like this one, interesting angle and such.

3) Portrait of my grandma - This one took a while. The likeness once again isn't there in my opinion. The art teacher said the shadows were too strong, and i definitely think that this is part of the problem. Should be softer. Nonetheless, these are early days of my chalk painting experience, so these errors are slightly more justified haha.


  1. I LOVE the dancer one! that looks awesome! good job Garth!

  2. These are all great! Awesome, thanks for the update :)