About Me

Hello internet traveller!  Welcome to my blog. 

I'm Garth Laidlaw and I have a love for curiosity and wonder. I take pride in my ability to create clear, communicative animation and illustration. My goals are to depict important stories and ideas that benefit others. If you'd like to get regular updates from me, sign up on the right. 

You can count on getting regular updates such as my ramblings on media and other communicative arts, current nutrition findings or advice, tips on maximizing productivity or maintaining work-life balance, and posts of my regular artwork. I invite you to my world.

I'm passionate about art, animation, illustration, food&nutrition, health, nature, environment, community building, and love reading about many different things such as philosophy, politics, world issues, spirituality, quantum physics, neuroscience, cultural anthropology, productivity, habit-forming, self-improvement, art theory, animation, storytelling, and have an addiction to collecting art books.

Here is a 5-minute talk I recently gave at Ignite Guelph, sharing my passion for animation and storytelling:

See my most recent blog posts here, or see my official website here.

Here is my latest animated video, discussing the important of Vitamin D.  I hope to continue making animated videos on nutrition.  I'm also going to be Kickstarting my first children's storybook soon, and also teaching high school students in the local Guelph - Waterloo area this summer of 2014.